What not to expect
  • A completely dust free finish. It is impossible to have a totally dust free environment, so there will always be some dust particles in the air that may settle on the wet coating. These small dust particles that appear in the finished floor surface will walk off quite quickly in traffic areas.
  • Removal of deep cuts or gouges in boards. The deep cuts and gouges will often appear darker after sanding and coating
  • Removal of all stains by the sanding process. Animal urine stains and water stains withing the boards and around nail holes are often impossible to successfully sand out. They will appear black after coating.
  • Filling of gaps between the boards. Unless specifically quoted for, gaps between boards are not filled because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will often cause cracking in the filler.
  • Do not expect boards damaged by borers or other insects to have the same gloss level as those in good condition.
  • Do not expect any areas filled with putty to have the same feel as the timber after application of coatings.